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Frequently Asked Online Car Insurance Questions

Do I Have to Get a Policy?

Yes! Not only is it a smart financial decision but it is illegal to not have coverage in 45 states. South Carolina and Virginia will require you to register as an uninsured motorist and in Tennessee you must have proof of financial responsibility. In New Hampshire and Wisconsin, however, you are not required to have auto insurance.

If I Loan My Car to Someone, Are They Covered?

Sometimes. Your policy often covers your family and anyone you give permission to drive your vehicle. Refer to your policy documents for specifics

How Big Should My Deductible Be?

That depends on how you think. If you believe you will never get into an accident then having the larger deductible and the smaller premium is for you. If you would rather not gamble then a smaller deductible and larger premium is for you.

Well My Driving Record Affect My Policy?

Insurers view you driving record to see how much of a risk you are to insure. If you have a good driving record your premium will be lower, if you have a bad driving record you will be viewed as a greater risk to insure and your premium will be higher.

Is Collision the Same as Comprehensive Coverage?

No they are quite difference. Collision will only cover damage to your vehicle in a collision. Comprehensive will shelter your vehicle from almost anything. It can shelter your automobile from various forms of weather damage, pothole damage and can even cover the belongings in your vehicle if it is stolen.
Source: http://www.autoinsurancefamily.com

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